First, before we introduce you to Beat Deaf let us shine a little knowledge on you and in the process maybe illuminate what we are not. Everyone is familiar with the term “beat deaf”, yeah!? Well, beat deafness is characterized by a person’s inability to distinguish musical rhythm or move in time to it, or in simple words they move to their own offbeat rhythm. (Sort of like this guy- link to beat deafness example) It’s estimated that around 4% of the population of North America suffers from beat deafness. Now that we’ve got that little nugget out of the way we can explain who we are and what we’re about, or not…

Joey Gaither (lead guitar, vocals) began playing the guitar at the age of 11, but shortly after his interests shifted to playing the tuba, trombone, baritone horn and trumpet in Jazz and Ska bands. After graduating from Carroll College his interest in the guitar was reignited by greats such as Billy Gibbons, Brad Paisley, and Tommy Emmanuel. He loves his wife and his cats and he's definitely not beat deaf.

Tyler Cano (drums, vocals) originally hails from Logan UT and began his musical career as a piano player all the while cleverly disguised as a drummer. He'd wanted to play the drums since he was 5 years old but he was encouraged to play the piano to learn the subtleties of music. We all think Ty is completely off his rocker, or might've a blown gasket or something, but it comes with territory. Him being our drummer and all. He is definitely not beat deaf.

Cory Groce (bass) performed in the New York cover circuit before moving to MT. He started playing at age 17 and his musical influences range from Motown to ska, punk and funk. To be honest there's a lot to say about Cory, but mostly he's a regular guy. Cory's a talented dude and his bass grooves make you want to move, but most importantly he is definitely not beat deaf.